bug fix, release, wassup - 09:13 - 20 October 2016

WassUp 1.9.2

Urgent bugfix upgrade

Download WassUp Version 1.9.2


v1.9.2: Urgent bugfix upgrade

  • fixed fatal error on wassup_options::is_recording_active that occurred in some configurations
  • fixed erroneous ‘hack attempt’ labels that occurred on sites without permalinks
  • fixed a refresh timer bug that disabled dropdown selections in Visitor Details when refresh setting is 0.
  • fixed a debug_mode bug that caused error notices to show as output for Wassup ajax action
  • new functions(2) to reset error display in debug_mode
  • improved spider detection.
  • updated “compatibility.php” module for multisite compatibility tests
  • miscellaneous minor bug fixes
  • miscellaneous minor code changes.

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