bug fix, language, release, warnings, wassup, wordpress - 13:05 - 12 January 2014

WassUp 1.8.4

Hello there, here we are with a new version of our statistics plugin for WordPress. Download WassUp Version 1.8.4 Thank you all for your support and feedbacks Changelog: = 1.8.4 = = Important compatibility, feature improvement upgrade = * Migrated Google Maps API code to support v3 (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/v2/v2tov3) * Removed Google Maps API key * […]

bug fix, release, security, wassup - 14:37 - 17 May 2012


Hello wassupers! Long time you didn’t hear from me, but here we are. Unfortunately (or luckily you choose) JPCERT/CC discovered a security issue on almost every WassUp version since this new one. An attacker could inject malicious code in a manner I will not show you here for your security, but trust me, it’s true. SO […]

news, release, wassup - 11:30 - 27 September 2011

WassUp 1.8.3

Here we are with the new release of WassUp 1.8.3 Download WassUp Version 1.8.3 Thank you all for your support and feedbacks Changelog: added 3 new top stats option settings: 1) “top_limit” to extend top stats list to more (or less) than 10 items 2) “top_postid” to show the top posts/pages (top articles) by title […]

bug fix, news, release, wassup - 16:48 - 5 September 2011

WassUp 1.8.2

Here is the new version 1.8.2 which fixes some bugs from previous versions Download WassUp Version 1.8.2 Thank you all for your support and feedbacks Here is 1.8.2 changelog: renamed “$pageview”, “$filters”, and “$table_name” variables for namespace compatibility with other plugins (ex. NextGen Gallery). fixed the typo in “wassup_install()” function (changed “remove_option” to “delete_option”). updated […]

bug fix, news, release, wassup - 15:22 - 2 December 2010

WassUp 1.8.1

Hello everybody, here is the new version 1.8.1 which fixes some bugs from version 1.8. Download WassUp Version 1.8.1 Thank you all for your support and feedbacks Here is 1.8.1 changelog: fixed warning for ‘set_time_limit’ error in ‘wassup_scheduled_dbtask’ function and corrected the typo in the function argument. fixed warning for ‘preg.match’ compilation error in ‘wGetSpamRef’ […]

news, release, svn, wassup - 00:01 - 24 November 2010

WassUp 1.8 is here!

No more wait. Here is the wonderful job by Helene Dunker. Let’s go to update! Download WassUp Version 1.8 Changelog Summary: 49 new features & code improvements 16 bug & security fixes ============================= New features and improvements: ============================= 1) Added plugin action link for “settings” (Wassup-Options) in plugins admin area. 2) Added ‘wassup stats’ as Dashboard […]

news, wassup - 13:18 - 9 October 2010

WassUp new release on the way!

Hello wassupers we are here again after more than a year to tell you we are quite ready to release the new WassUp version 1.8. Indeed I didn’t do almost anything in this release so you have to thank Helene, the co-author of WassUp, who did a wonderful job. I’m currently finishing to test this […]

news, release, wassup, wordpress - 15:24 - 7 September 2009

WassUp fixes some little bugs

here we are to release this new WassUp version to fix some little bugs discovered after upgrading to 1.7.2 Download WassUp Version The changelog: – commented out the code for automatic page reload with ‘wscr’ GET parameter because it inflated the number of page views per visitor in Wassup’s logs. Also commented out other […]

news, release, security, wassup - 17:31 - 2 September 2009

WassUp 1.7.2

Thanks a lot to Helene who did a wonderful job, now here is the new WassUp version tagged 1.7.2. There are a lot of changes and some new languages added (thank guys! we have reached 25 language translations almost complete, you rock!). Download WassUp Version 1.7.2 ChangeLog 1.7.2: ============================= New features and improvements: ============================= 1) […]

news, release, wassup - 10:03 - 21 May 2009

WassUp 1.7.1 fixes 1.7 bugs – UPGRADE!

Here is the latest WassUp version 1.7.1, we hope we have found and fixed every 1.7 bugs, but please use the Forum if you discover problems with this version too. Download WassUp Version 1.7.1 The main changes are: RSS invalid fixed “string(y) “post-xxx”” error fixed “Illegal request permission denied” error fixed some little changes to […]