news, release, security, wassup - 17:31 - 2 September 2009

WassUp 1.7.2

Thanks a lot to Helene who did a wonderful job, now here is the new WassUp version tagged 1.7.2. There are a lot of changes and some new languages added (thank guys! we have reached 25 language translations almost complete, you rock!). Download WassUp Version 1.7.2 ChangeLog 1.7.2: ============================= New features and improvements: ============================= 1) […]

news, release, wassup - 10:03 - 21 May 2009

WassUp 1.7.1 fixes 1.7 bugs – UPGRADE!

Here is the latest WassUp version 1.7.1, we hope we have found and fixed every 1.7 bugs, but please use the Forum if you discover problems with this version too. Download WassUp Version 1.7.1 The main changes are: RSS invalid fixed “string(y) “post-xxx”” error fixed “Illegal request permission denied” error fixed some little changes to […]

news, warnings, wassup - 09:20 - 20 May 2009

WassUp 1.7 has some bugs, 1.7.1 version is coming asap

Hi, we apologize but the new WassUp version 1.7 has a lot of bugs and issues, we are sorry but this new version has a lot of new code (as you can see on the release changelog), so we received a lot of requests and we are just fixing every bugs. The development SVN has […]

news, release, security, wassup - 13:47 - 18 May 2009

WassUp 1.7 is here!

Thanks to Helene for the amazing job she did on this new WassUp version. Yes we have a new major release number, because there are a lot of changes on the core code. Download WassUp Version 1.7 Here is the main changelog for this version 1.7: Changelog Summary: 21 feature improvements 15 bug fixes ============================= […]

language, news, release, wassup - 12:09 - 5 March 2009

WassUp 1.6.5

Hi everybody, thank you all for your effort to translate WassUp in your preferred language, we got a lot of fans who helped us. Thank you very much! This new version has very few changes in the core but a lot of changes in the language files, here is a little changelog: – New dashboard […]

language, wassup - 13:10 - 3 February 2009

Translations help needed

Hi everyone, WassUp finally got their language translations on the Launchpad site. Now we need your efforts to complete and correct the translations, so please, if you have a Launchpad account and you wanna help us, this is the Translation status for wassup Actually WassUp supports the following languages: English Brazilian Portuguese French German Italian […]

language, news, release, wassup - 13:38 - 12 January 2009

WassUp 1.6.4

Hi wassupers and happy new year!! here I am to annouce you I just release the WassUp 1.6.4 version, the development is still slow but I found the time to add a new language and fix some small things. First of all thanks to Clauber Santos who translated WassUp in Brazilian Portuguese I hope you […]

language, news, release, wassup, wordpress - 15:30 - 28 October 2008

WassUp 1.6.3

Hi everybody! this is a very fast post to let you know I just released the 1.6.3 version of WassUp. This version hasn’t new features it only fixes some old bugs and add the spanish language (thanks to Hans Christian). Please let me know if the translation is good or not. Unfortunately I have a […]

language, release, wassup, wordpress - 16:14 - 19 August 2008

WassUp 1.6.2

Finally here is the new WassUp version tagged 1.6.2. This version fixes some bugs and add a new way to look at the Spy view. Now (if you have the PHP Curl installed) you can add a Google Map that displays the visitors location  by their IP. This new feature is based upon the […]

release, wassup, wordpress - 18:37 - 15 July 2008

WassUp 1.6* is WordPress 2.6 compatible

This post to advise you that the latest WordPress version 2.6, released today, is fully compatible with WassUp plugin. I just tested it with WassUp 1.6 and WassUp 1.6.1 and they work fine. Enjoy the new WordPress 2.6 with WassUp!