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  • WassUp 1.9.1

    Critical security bug fixes and much more. Download WassUp Version 1.9.1 Changelog: patched security loopholes (xss vulnerability) in the ‘Top stats’ widget and in wassupURI::add_siteurl method revised plugin code to improve prevention of XSS attacks via it’s interface and widgets revised plugin code to comply with the latest requirements for inclusion in plugin repository […]

  • WassUp

    Hello wassupers! Long time you didn’t hear from me, but here we are. Unfortunately (or luckily you choose) JPCERT/CC discovered a security issue on almost every WassUp version since this new one. An attacker could inject malicious code in a manner I will not show you here for your security, but trust me, it’s true. SO […]

  • WassUp 1.7.2

    Thanks a lot to Helene who did a wonderful job, now here is the new WassUp version tagged 1.7.2. There are a lot of changes and some new languages added (thank guys! we have reached 25 language translations almost complete, you rock!). Download WassUp Version 1.7.2 ChangeLog 1.7.2: ============================= New features and improvements: ============================= 1) […]

  • WassUp 1.7 is here!

    Thanks to Helene for the amazing job she did on this new WassUp version. Yes we have a new major release number, because there are a lot of changes on the core code. Download WassUp Version 1.7 Here is the main changelog for this version 1.7: Changelog Summary: 21 feature improvements 15 bug fixes ============================= […]

  • WassUp 1.4.6 released

    UPDATE: Due to some problem for newbie users, I upload a new revisited 1.4.6 version without the SECRET_KEY constant. The constant will be available again when WordPress 2.5 will come out and it will be optional. With 1.4.6 WassUp is compatible with Worpdress 2.2 or higher again. Added some new features: – Akismet spam check […]

  • WassUp 1.4.4 released compatible to WordPress >= 2.3

    Today I released the 1.4.4 version, please read the changelog to see the main changes. With this 1.4.4 version WassUp it’s compatible ONLY with WordPress >= 2.3, I recommend you to keep your WordPress and WassUp versions updated due to security issues. Download WassUp 1.4.4 

  • WARNING Security Bug in version <1.4.3a - UPGRADE!

    The 1.4.3a version I just uploaded resolves the security bugs described in this exploit. Please UPGRADE as soon as possible. I apologize.