WassUp 1.4.5 released and new branch for WP < 2.3

Good morning WassUp users! This is a very lucky day for you, we are proudly to announce the 1.4.5 release and a new 1.4.5-wp2.2 branch for who has an old WordPress (>= 2.2).

We have decided to separate WassUp into two identical version but with code differences:

Version 1.4.5 is the main release, it is available from WordPress Extend Plugins directory, it’s WordPress 2.3 and higher compatible and it has a lot of new features (see below).

Branch 1.4.5-wp2.2 is a release to support WordPress 2.2 and higher, it is almost equal to the 1.4.5 but it has little differences in the code to work with WP 2.2 too. So if you didn’t upgrade your Worpdress version yet you have to use this branch.

The main changes in 1.4.5 are:

As usual my very big thank goes to Helene who did a lot of this new features/improvements to WassUp.



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