WassUp 1.5.1

here is the new 1.5.1 version for WassUp, this version fixes some bugs, add some little features and it has a new Polish language file so till now WassUp is translated into 6 languages!

This is the changelog:

  • charset variables to create db to match the same as WordPress blog (thanks to sandajian)
  • new option tabs CSS re-styling
  • some errors/mistake such as wrong php open tags (only <? instead <?php) and ABSPATH was fixed
  • new Top Locale in the Top Ten
  • new option to enable/disable little summary chart in the dashboard
  • new Jquery version (1.2.3)
  • new Polish language (thanks to Michal)
  • and more…

As usual a big thank goes to Helene for her great work on WassUp!

WassUp 1.5.1 download page

If you are in trouble or you would like to suggest something about WassUp please go to the WassUp forum and open a new topic.



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