WassUp 1.6.1

WassUp 1.6.1 is ready! Helene did a great job fixing bugs and improving WassUp. Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed the known bug about Feed validation (http://trac.wpwp.org/ticket/53)
  • Fixed table creation problems caused by charset/collation
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Removed the “save_path” option (deprecated)
  • added a list of MySQL/PHP server settings such as memory allocated that users can refer to when trying to diagnose a problem
  • Added a new option, “wassup_hack”, to track attempts to access “/wp-admin/” area in wordpress by users not logged in
  • changed indexes for database tables
  • some minor database tables changes
  • modified some function to speed-up WassUp

Download WassUp 1.6.1

As usual please refer to the WassUp Forums if you have problems and stay tuned for the next version. I will add part of the requested GEO IP features to keep track of geographic data about visitors…


Congrats to Helene who opened her personal blog where she talks about her web developer experience with very interesting articles. Subscribe to her feed if you like it.



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