WassUp 1.6.2

Finally here is the new WassUp version tagged 1.6.2.

This version fixes some bugs and add a new way to look at the Spy view. Now (if you have the PHP Curl installed) you can add a Google Map that displays the visitors location  by their IP.

This new feature is based upon the Hostip.info API (a GEO IP tracker) but unfortunately the data is quite old so you could get some locations wrong.

I would like to improve this new tool so this is only the start, but please suggest your ideas.

This is the changelog for 1.6.2 version:

  • fixed typo in wassup.php (pregi_replace)
  • added Google Map on Spy view (you have to activate it in the options)
  • added selection by type of users in Spy view
  • added two missing flags
  • added some new spiders/bots
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • added French language

Download WassUp 1.6.2

As usual please refer to the WassUp Forums if you have problems and stay tuned for the next version.



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