WassUp 1.6.3

Hi everybody!

this is a very fast post to let you know I just released the 1.6.3 version of WassUp.
This version hasn’t new features it only fixes some old bugs and add the spanish language (thanks to Hans Christian). Please let me know if the translation is good or not.

Unfortunately I have a lot of things to do so the time to work on WassUp is almost zero, I hope I will be available for it as soon as possible, in the meantime thank you everybody to help us with your comments on the forum.

Download WassUp 1.6.3

I tried WassUp 1.6.3 on the new development version of WordPress (2.7) and it works very fine! So no worry to upgrade your WordPress platform version when 2.7 will be available, WassUp is just fully compatible with it.



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