WassUp 1.6 released!

Good morning wassupers!

today is time for a new major release for your preferred statistics and tracking tool. I choose to change the main subversion number because there are a lot of changes in the code to improve speed and gather the data, so here is the new 1.6 version:

  • fixed charset/collation table creation problem
  • fixed “cannot redeclare” error problem
  • improved a lot the pages/posts load performance
  • new and better way to check for duplicates and to set wassup_id
  • introduced the “get_browser” PHP function to identify user agent when the server allows it
  • removed the minor version number for the browser (Firefox “” becomes “Firefox 2.0”)
  • added more information to the “raw data” output
  • jquery version updated (1.2.6)
  • a lot of minor changes

Download WassUp 1.6

I hope everything will work fine with your installation, as usual I recommend you to follow these steps to update your WassUp:

  • (Optionally) Backup your WassUp database table using the export function in the Options view
  • Disable the WassUp plugin
  • Delete totally the directory “wassup” in your plugins dir
  • Download and unzip the new WassUp file into the plugins dir
  • Enable the WassUp plugin

If you got in trouble, pease refer to the WassUp Forums and write down your problem’s description.

This new major release is made entirely by the great co-author Helene who I want thanks a lot for all her efforts.

Thank you!



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