WassUp fixes some little bugs

here we are to release this new WassUp version to fix some little bugs discovered after upgrading to 1.7.2

Download WassUp Version

The changelog:

– commented out the code for automatic page reload with ‘wscr’ GET parameter because it inflated the number of page views per visitor in Wassup’s logs. Also commented out other code related to ‘wscr’ GET parmeter in “wassup.php”.
– modified duplicate check in “wassupappend()” to remove the ‘wscr’ argument from the url being tested.
– changed “screen_res” variable assignment in “wassup_meta_info()”, “wassupappend()” and “wassupPrepend()” to include $_ENV[‘HTTP_UA_PIXELS’], a http header global sometimes sent by IE and IE Mobile browsers.
– changed the mysql query for main/detail chronology sublists in “wassup()” to include an “order by ‘timestamp’” clause instead of “by ‘id’” because delayed inserts can cause ‘id’ to be NOT sequential with ‘timestamp’. Also added ‘distinct’ to the select statement to exclude duplicates from list.
– in “main.php”, removed ‘attribute_escape’ from ‘stringshortener’ $input string because it put garbage characters (ex: �) in the resulting shortened urls. ‘stringshortener’ now outputs ‘$outstring’ or ‘false’ only.
– fixed czech language files



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