WassUp 1.8.1

Hello everybody, here is the new version 1.8.1 which fixes some bugs from version 1.8.

Download WassUp Version 1.8.1

Thank you all for your support and feedbacks

Here is 1.8.1 changelog:

  • fixed warning for ‘set_time_limit’ error in ‘wassup_scheduled_dbtask’ function and corrected the typo in the function argument.
  • fixed warning for ‘preg.match’ compilation error in ‘wGetSpamRef’ function.
  • disabled PHP warning error reporting in ‘wassupAppend’ function so only fatal errors are displayed except when ‘debug_mode’ is set.
  • updated ‘readme.txt’ Installation instructions to include new information and a warning about upgrading when web site is busy.
  • updated stylesheet ‘wassup.css’ with minor changes margins and border color.
  • added a time period to ‘top ten’ report heading and replaced ‘top ten’ with ‘top stats’ in some places.
  • updated referrer spam list.
  • minor code changes for putting “jquery” on WassUp pages.



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