WassUp 1.8.2

Here is the new version 1.8.2 which fixes some bugs from previous versions

Download WassUp Version 1.8.2

Thank you all for your support and feedbacks

Here is 1.8.2 changelog:

  • renamed “$pageview”, “$filters”, and “$table_name” variables for namespace compatibility with other plugins (ex. NextGen Gallery).
  • fixed the typo in “wassup_install()” function (changed “remove_option” to “delete_option”).
  • updated search engine regex for better search phrase detection.
  • added test for shortened url in referrer string (are faked referrers).
  • removed ‘yandex’ from list of spammer rx drug keywords (is Russian search engine).
  • updated referrer bad hostnames for latest spammers.
  • minor updates to css and icons for style.



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