WassUp 1.9

Hello there,

I’m really excited to announce the so long waited new version of WassUp!

Thanks to Helene who did a wonderful job we have the 1.9 release today full of changes, fixes and a lot more, look below for the entire changelog and give kudos to Helene!

Here we are with a new version of our statistics plugin for WordPress.

Download WassUp Version 1.9

Thank you all for your support and feedbacks


= 1.9 =

1) fixed bug where wassup wp_option settings were prematurely saved
by “wassup_init” function…now settings are saved for new multisite
subsites when WassUp is network activated only.

2) fixed bug where wassup wp_option settings were prematurely saved
by “wassup_install” function..now settings are saved only after
install/upgrade is done.

3) fixed a multisite bug where Wassup menu links in network-admin
pointed to main site links instead of network admin links.

4) fixed multiple problems that caused Wassup wp-cron scheduled
events to fail to run and implemented more wp-cron data tasks,
including “auto_delete” of old records.

5) fixed a bug in ‘settings.php’ module where “delayed insert”
setting was erroneously listed as disabled for myisam storage engine.

6) new compatibility check for WordPress 3.1+ in multisite setups.

7) new alert message for re-activation without upgrade in
“wassup_install” function.

8) new function “wassup_settings_install” in ‘upgrade.php’ module to
update wassup settings after successful table install/upgrade, even
when the browser times out

9) new function “wassup_upgradeCheck” in ‘upgrade.php’ module to
check wassup tables structure for problems before and after table

10) new function “wassup_rawdataView” in ‘main.php’ module for viewing
a single wassup record in “raw” list format.

11) new “view raw table” screen option added to online view.

12) new function “wassup_deactivate” to stop Wassup wp-cron scheduled
events when plugin is deactivated but not deleted.

13) new functions ‘wassup_temp_cleanup’ and ‘wassup_auto_cleanup’ used
for wp-cron scheduling of temp records cleanup and old records purge.

14) new wassupDb methods ‘wassupDb::temp_cleanup’ and
‘wassupDb::auto_cleanup’ to execute temp cleanup and old records

15) new function “wassup_get_sessionid” to assign a “wassup_id” for
visitor/tracking session.

16) new function “wassup_get_sessionhash” to return a hash value for
use with session cookie.

17) updated ‘wassup_scheduled_dbtasks’ function and moved/renamed it
to ‘wassupDb::scheduled_dbtasks’ method.

18) updated “wassup_updateTable” function in ‘upgrade.php’ module to
perform updates to wassup table regardless of wassup_version. Only
retroactive data updates does wassup_version checks beforehand.

19) updated search engines list in “wGetSE” function.

20) updated some spiders in “wGetSpider” function (partial update).

21) updated wassup.pot language template file

22) replaced COOKIEHASH with ‘$sessionhash’ variable for naming wassup
cookies because COOKIEHASH could reset and split a Wassup visitor
session when a visitor logged in.

23) replaced online IP geolocation service (returned to
freegeoip.net“) because www.telize.com shutdown it’s public API on

24) removed “wassup_init” call from “wassup_start” function because it
ran too soon (and saved settings prematurely). Instead, added it to
“wassup_preload”, “wassup_load”, “wassup_admin_preload”,
“wassup_admin_load”, “wassupAppend”, “wassup_sidebar”, and other
functions, as needed.







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