news, release, svn, wassup - 00:01 - 24 November 2010

WassUp 1.8 is here!

No more wait. Here is the wonderful job by Helene Dunker. Let’s go to update! Download WassUp Version 1.8 Changelog Summary: 49 new features & code improvements 16 bug & security fixes ============================= New features and improvements: ============================= 1) Added plugin action link for “settings” (Wassup-Options) in plugins admin area. 2) Added ‘wassup stats’ as Dashboard […]

language, release, svn, wassup - 13:58 - 22 April 2008

WassUp 1.5.1

Hi, here is the new 1.5.1 version for WassUp, this version fixes some bugs, add some little features and it has a new Polish language file so till now WassUp is translated into 6 languages! This is the changelog: charset variables to create db to match the same as WordPress blog (thanks to sandajian) new […]

language, svn, wassup - 18:49 - 26 March 2008

New German language file

Thank to Markus, he translated WassUp into German language. If you would like it before I will insert it into WassUp official release (next is 1.5), you could download the file and put it into the language directory (read the documentation to use it): German language file

release, svn, wassup, wordpress - 09:25 - 3 March 2008

WassUp 1.4.8 released

Today we released the 1.4.8 version that fixes some bugs and cleans some code, here is the changelog: added wassupOptions class to clean code added new test against session_save_path to wassup_install function, this should prevent WassUp to start recording if there are some problems with sessions path new pretty wassup alert message added new wassup_uninstall […]

release, svn, wassup, wordpress - 15:35 - 11 February 2008

WassUp 1.4.5 released and new branch for WP < 2.3

Good morning WassUp users! This is a very lucky day for you, we are proudly to announce the 1.4.5 release and a new 1.4.5-wp2.2 branch for who has an old WordPress (>= 2.2). We have decided to separate WassUp into two identical version but with code differences: Version 1.4.5 is the main release, it is […]