release, svn, wassup, wordpress - 09:25 - 3 March 2008

WassUp 1.4.8 released

Today we released the 1.4.8 version that fixes some bugs and cleans some code, here is the changelog: added wassupOptions class to clean code added new test against session_save_path to wassup_install function, this should prevent WassUp to start recording if there are some problems with sessions path new pretty wassup alert message added new wassup_uninstall […]

release, wassup, wiki, wordpress - 12:05 - 25 February 2008

WassUp 1.4.7 released & Wiki User Guide

I just uploaded the new 1.4.7 version: fixed some minor bugs added some new spiders/bots detection fixed widget text encoding I finished writing an alpha version for the User Guide documentation, please refer to it if you would like to know how to play with WassUp. The WassUp project is now listed on Ohloh, I’m […]

release, security, wassup, wordpress - 14:21 - 18 February 2008

WassUp 1.4.6 released

UPDATE: Due to some problem for newbie users, I upload a new revisited 1.4.6 version without the SECRET_KEY constant. The constant will be available again when WordPress 2.5 will come out and it will be optional. With 1.4.6 WassUp is compatible with Worpdress 2.2 or higher again. Added some new features: – Akismet spam check […]

release, svn, wassup, wordpress - 15:35 - 11 February 2008

WassUp 1.4.5 released and new branch for WP < 2.3

Good morning WassUp users! This is a very lucky day for you, we are proudly to announce the 1.4.5 release and a new 1.4.5-wp2.2 branch for who has an old WordPress (>= 2.2). We have decided to separate WassUp into two identical version but with code differences: Version 1.4.5 is the main release, it is […]

release, security, wassup, wordpress - 16:44 - 2 February 2008

WassUp 1.4.4 released compatible to WordPress >= 2.3

Today I released the 1.4.4 version, please read the changelog to see the main changes. With this 1.4.4 version WassUp it’s compatible ONLY with WordPress >= 2.3, I recommend you to keep your WordPress and WassUp versions updated due to security issues. Download WassUp 1.4.4 

wassup, wordpress - 12:43 - 17 January 2008

Chart problem with IE

I apologize but there is a problem with the new chart and Internet Explorer. So I decide to give up and change the chart engine from Flot to Google Chart API. I’m just working on it and the new chart engine is very funny and simple, I think you will like it. There is a […]

wassup, wordpress - 14:46 - 8 January 2008

SVN Checkout for WassUp

Now you can checkout the very latest code of wassUp using its svn: svn co svn:// wassup Please note, the svn code could be very unstable because it is the code we are working on, so please use it only in testing enviroment and not in production. I suggest you to backup your data before […]

wassup, wordpress - 13:46 - 7 January 2008

WassUp Trac Wiki is ready

I started today the new trac/ wiki site for wassUp plugin. will be the repository for new code, svn and wiki page for WassUp. Stay tuned for upcoming news about our best real time statistics WordPress plugin.