bug fix, release, wassup - 09:50 - 22 November 2016

WassUp 1.9.3

Urgent bugfix upgrade

Download WassUp Version 1.9.3


v1.9.3: Important bugfix upgrade

  • fixed an ‘unknown modifier’ preg_match error in ‘wassup.php’ module.
  • fixed an IP validation loophole that could cause invalid/malformed forwarding IPs in client’s http_header to be stored as client IP.
  • fixed code to stop recording of front-end ajax requests (‘/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’ url) as “possible spam/malware” hits.
  • updated code to restore ‘shutdown’ hook as the primary hook for ‘wassupAppend’ function.
  • updated translation script to re-attempt language load with “language x2” as filename whenever the initial load (with “locale”) fails.
  • updated translation template and language files to v1.9.2
  • miscellaneous minor changes.

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