Downloading Installing & Playing with WassUp

Wassup is in the official WordPress Extend Plugins Directory, every times I’ll upload a new release your WordPress will notify you.


WordPress 2.2 or later.


Download the plugin WassUp

– uncompress it with your preferred unzip/untar program or use the command line: tar xzvf wassup.tar.gz
– copy the directory wassup in your plugins directory at your wordpress blog (/wp-content/plugins)
– activate the WassUp WordPress plugin at your Plugins admin page


  • Disable the WassUp plugin
  • Delete totally the directory “wassup” in your plugins dir
  • Download and unzip the new WassUp file into the plugins dir
  • Enable the WassUp plugin

Don’t Panic!

If you got in trouble after upgrading a new version of WassUp, remember you can replace the new bugged version with the previous one. You can found the entire archive of WassUp old versions here. Delete the wassup directory and replace it with the one from the previous version.


When you activate the plugin, it works “as is”. You don’t have anything to do. Wait your visitors hit your blog and start seeing details (go to the wp-admin and click in the WassUp page)

This is the offcial WassUp User Guide documentation please read it if you have problems on how to use WassUp.

To be able to display the sidebar Widget your theme must be widget ready, please refer to the official page to learn how to widgetize your theme:

If you cannot widgetize your theme, there is the fuction “wassup_sidebar” described below to display those informations.

Usage of wassup_sidebar function:

if (function_exists('wassup_sidebar')) {

Valid option values for wassup_sidebar function are:

* before_widget – html before the widget
* after_widget – html after the widget
* before_title – html before the title (default <h2>)
* after_title – html after the title (default </h2>)
* wtitle – the title (default “visitors online”)
* wulclass – the ul style class (default “links”)
* wchars – the max width of sentences (default 18 characters)
* wsearch – set 1 to show last searched terms (default 0)
* wsearchlimit – how many searched terms to show (default 5)
* wref – set 1 to show last referers (default 0)
* wreflimit – how many referers to show (default 5)
* wtopbr – set 1 to show top browsers (default 0)
* wtopbrlimit – how many top browsers to show (default 5)
* wtopos – set 1 to show top OS (default 0)
* wtoposlimit – how many top OS to show (default 5)

You have to put every 15 values, leave them empty if you don’t want to use them, for example:

if (function_exists('wassup_sidebar')){
wassup_sidebar('','','<h2>','</h2>','Online Visitors','links',20,1,5,1,5,1,10,1,10);

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