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  • WassUp 1.6.4

    Hi wassupers and happy new year!! here I am to annouce you I just release the WassUp 1.6.4 version, the development is still slow but I found the time to add a new language and fix some small things. First of all thanks to Clauber Santos who translated WassUp in Brazilian Portuguese I hope you […]

  • WassUp 1.6.3

    Hi everybody! this is a very fast post to let you know I just released the 1.6.3 version of WassUp. This version hasn’t new features it only fixes some old bugs and add the spanish language (thanks to Hans Christian). Please let me know if the translation is good or not. Unfortunately I have a […]

  • WassUp 1.6.2

    Finally here is the new WassUp version tagged 1.6.2. This version fixes some bugs and add a new way to look at the Spy view. Now (if you have the PHP Curl installed) you can add a Google Map that displays the visitors location  by their IP. This new feature is based upon the Hostip.info […]

  • WassUp 1.6* is WordPress 2.6 compatible

    This post to advise you that the latest WordPress version 2.6, released today, is fully compatible with WassUp plugin. I just tested it with WassUp 1.6 and WassUp 1.6.1 and they work fine. Enjoy the new WordPress 2.6 with WassUp!

  • WassUp 1.6.1

    WassUp 1.6.1 is ready! Helene did a great job fixing bugs and improving WassUp. Here is the changelog: Fixed the known bug about Feed validation (http://trac.wpwp.org/ticket/53) Fixed table creation problems caused by charset/collation Fixed minor bugs Removed the “save_path” option (deprecated) added a list of MySQL/PHP server settings such as memory allocated that users can […]

  • WassUp 1.6 released!

    Good morning wassupers! today is time for a new major release for your preferred statistics and tracking tool. I choose to change the main subversion number because there are a lot of changes in the code to improve speed and gather the data, so here is the new 1.6 version: fixed charset/collation table creation problem […]

  • WassUp 1.5.1

    Hi, here is the new 1.5.1 version for WassUp, this version fixes some bugs, add some little features and it has a new Polish language file so till now WassUp is translated into 6 languages! This is the changelog: charset variables to create db to match the same as WordPress blog (thanks to sandajian) new […]

  • WassUp 1.5 released!

    Here is the new WassUp 1.5, this new version fixes some bugs, it adds some features and it has a new color schema to match the new WordPress 2.5 color. The changelog: It should solves some problem with tha main chart new color chema new dashboard chart raw table much faster top ten customizable Modified […]

  • WassUp is fully WordPress 2.5 compatible

    We would notice you that the latest WassUp version is fully compatible with the new amazing WordPress 2.5. Please write a feedback if you encounter in some errors or problems. Many thanks and compliments to the WordPress community for the great job making this new 2.5 version.

  • New German language file

    Thank to Markus, he translated WassUp into German language. If you would like it before I will insert it into WassUp official release (next is 1.5), you could download the file and put it into the language directory (read the documentation to use it): German language file

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